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Are you in a must sell situation and can’t find the right buyer for your home? If this sounds like you then contact us today!

Get Cash For Your Covington, LA Home?

Want to sell your home in Covington, Louisiana, but unable to find a suitable buyer Desperate to shift your old home in Covington but can’t find someone to take it off your hands Stuck with an ugly, old or infirm house that nobody (including you) wants? Then look no further. Here at KT Property Investments, we buy houses for cash! Maybe even your home – if you will let us.

Competitive Cash Offer

We can make you a FAIR CASH OFFER to buy your house fast.

No Out Of Pocket Fees

You’ll pay NO closing costs, NO fees and NO realtor commissions.

Close When You Need

We can close FAST and according to your timeline.

Sell Your Home for Cash in Covington, Louisiana!

Covington is a fantastic place, but not all houses are created equal, and sometimes the lovely setting isn’t enough to help you sell an un-lovely home. Covington is famous for southern charm and lush greenery, and we are here to tell you that, no matter how unloved the house, we will buy it for cold, hard, cash!

We buy houses for real cash – not credit, not transfers, not loans – but real money! When you call us, we will schedule an appointment to come and see the property. Once your home visit has been completed and the sale approved, that cash could be in your account within 24 hours! Are you interested? Good, every homeowner in Covington should be!

Why Would You Sell Your Covington Home for Cash?

There are many reasons why your average Joe might want to sell their home cash-in-hand. If you are going through any of these circumstances and need to shift your property fast then call us right now:

  • Getting divorced and need to split everything? KT Property Investments could come to your rescue. Contact us now to sell your home in Covington, Louisiana, for cash!
  • Are you facing foreclosure? Sell your house or property in Covington for real money and use it to clear those debts!
  • Are you behind on mortgage payments? Have no fear! KT Property Investments can take the house off your hands, and you can get out of a bad deal!
  • Need out of a tricky or dangerous property? We can help you right now!
  • Do you have an ugly house that has been on the market forever? Do you find yourself desperate to move on with your life and end the stress caused by moving? Then you need us! Contact us today to sell your home in Covington, Louisiana.

Holding on to an ugly home is particularly risky, and we recommend calling us immediately. Moving a house can cause more stress than divorce does – so don’t linger at the halfway point. Sell your Covington home to KT Property Investments and get back your joy for life.

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket!

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Our Real Estate Specialties Include

Debt Removal or Renegotiation
Overleveraged Properties
Bank Owned Properties & REOs
Environmental or Structural Problems
Solving Title Issues
Apartment & House Rentals
Vacant Properties
Relocation Assistance
Foreclosure Avoidance
Houses in Major Disrepair
Selling Your Property Without Agent Commissions

What Makes Covington, Louisiana, So Special?

There are loads of popular attractions in Covington, Louisiana, that make it an attractive place to live. The Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery, for example, attracts visitors all year round. There is an interesting museum at Smith H J & Sons that makes a popular choice for tourists and who could forget the Covington Brewhouse as one of the top reasons to buy a home in town?

Whatever your reason for moving to Covington, we can help you move out again! Contact us today to find out how to sell your Covington home for cash!

How KT Property Investments Buys Houses In Covington

When you reach out to us, we will schedule an appointment to come and view the property. We do not use realtors, there are no hidden fees, and we do not work on a commission basis. By cutting out the middle-man, we effectively save you both money and time – a valuable asset if you want to sell your old property fast!

Once we have made the appointment one of our expert procurement team will come out and view the home, to make sure that all is as advertised. If you are happy, and if we are happy, we will make you an offer, in cash, for your home. Within 24 hours of seeing the house for the first time we can have the offer cleared, the payment made, and the documentation finalized. When we say we buy houses fast – we are not lying to you!

Of course, not all customers want to be out the door immediately. We also buy Covington homes for cash at a more relaxed rate for those who need that little bit more time to say goodbye. We buy houses of all shapes and sizes, no matter how bold, beautiful, or ugly. We can close a deal within seven days of the homeowner’s schedule being drawn up, but we can also be considerate to those who still don’t have anywhere to move into yet!

A Little About KT Property Investments

We are one of the best-known names in Louisiana house sales and are very proud of our established reputation as a firm you can trust. We specialize in taking the stress out of the worst home sale situations, providing our clients with peace of mind, and stress-free sleep. Selling your house is stressful – particularly when you need to wait for payments to clear, and you need the cash there and then.

At KT Property Investments, we take both the worry, and the time spent waiting for cash to clear into consideration. We want home selling in Covington (and the rest of Louisiana) to be as hassle-free for our clients as we can make it. We have years of experience as a reputable firm at the top of our market, so trust us with your home. We know exactly how hard it is to part with something so precious; but when you trust your property to us, you get a fuss-free sale, money in your bank account, and the ability to move on with your life, all in one neat package.

Head on over to our home page to find out how easy it is to sell to us. If you are facing foreclosure, behind on payments or are just finding the struggle of home ownership to be too much – then don’t waste another moment. Call us today, and let’s start a partnership that could be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Sell Your Covington, Louisiana, Home to us for Cash, today!


No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket!

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